Our U3A will be using our website, email and Zoom video meetings permanently due to Co-Vid.

Some of our tutors will be adapting their classes to incorporate zoom video meetings.


To participate in zoom video each student will need an Internet connected computer in their home which has a video webcam with microphone and preferably a set of headphones.

Most laptop computers will have the camera and microphone built-in. If you have a desktop computer you may need to plug in a USB webcam (with microphone).

It is good to set up your computer in a quiet room with no background TV or other noise. Do not have a bright light source such as a window behind you.

How to join a Class/Meeting

Before each class the Tutor will email all the students in the class a meeting link and the student can join the meeting by simply clicking on the link.

The first time you join a meeting some software will be downloaded onto your computer, usually it only takes a minute or two.

Once you have joined a meeting, your microphone and video are turned off by default so first thing is to move your mouse to the bottom left hand corner of the black screen and turn on your video.

• To cut down the background noise stay muted unless you’re talking to reduce background noise.
Avoid back ground noise sources such as TVs or radios, shut doors.

• Make sure you sit in a well lit and quiet place. Avoid bright back lighting such as windows, have some indirect front lighting so every can see your face.

• Be mindful of what’s going on behind you.

• Think about having solid plain wall behind you.

Participate in a few practice video meetings before your first class.