You need to be a current financial member to be covered by U3A insurance and to be able to enroll and attend any of our courses and most of our activities.

Membership is to our current financial year which starts on 01 Jan and finishes on the 31 Dec.
The current membership subscription for 2022 is $50.00 pa.

Financial members who renew their membership subscription in Term 4 receive an Early Bird discount. The current Early Bird membership subscription for 2022 is $35.00 pa.

New members or lapsed members need to apply to join U3A by filling out and submitting the application for membership form below.

New members pay the full membership subscription  for current year irrespective of when they apply to join U3A.

New members that join after the start of Term 4 will be financial until the 31 Dec of the following year.

New Members or Lapsed Members

Our U3A’s main objective is to promote Lifelong Learning and we are an organisation entirely run by volunteer members. To minimise costs we mainly communicate over the Internet, so to get the most out of our U3A you need to be able to access our website and check your emails weekly and volunteer at some level.

Once approved, we notify you by email or phone, and you can pay the current membership subscription by direct deposit and you can then enroll in U3A classes.

When applying for membership or renewing your membership you agree to abide by our current constitution and Terms and Conditions of our U3A.

New members can apply to join by filling out the form below:

    U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc

    I hereby apply to become a member of U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc.

    I agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Association and Terms & Conditions

    My Details:

    My Address:

    In Case of Emergency (ICE) - please contact

    In Case of Emergency (ICE) - please contact

    The following U3A members have agreed to propose and second me for membership:

    I will wait for my U3A membership application status email and if approved
    will pay any U3A membership fees into the Commonwealth Bank using direct deposit.