Closed Email Lists

To facilitate email communications we have added several new U3A closed email lists.

These are called closed email lists they only allow sending of emails to the list by someone already on the lists. These lists are closed to anybody not on the list. They should be spam free.

You may also send attachments but the total email size plus any attachment is limited to 10 MB.

If you are using an email client program such as Thunderbird then you can automatically sort the emails received  into separate folders. All U3A email lists have a constant part to the subject line with an automatic increasing 3 digit number NNN to allow members to filter the email based on the subject line, if they wish.

If you need to know more, talk to your class tutor.

Class(es)                                  List email  address
.    Kayakers                                      as above
.    Ramblers                                      as above
Dinosaurs and Robots    
EBook Club                   


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