FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software.

FOSS software is written by small teams of volunteers, usually computer program professionals, who give their time to produce software that is free of cost to download, install and use and also has the source code publicly available, making it possible to check
how the software works and allows quicker updates for security.

For U3A members FOSS software is usually of the highest quality and available to download for free. U3A members can use the same software to generate and share documents and files and our U3A office is not encumbered by expensive and restrictive software licences.

We will be running courses on installing and running various FOSS software and Tutors or Course Leaders will have priority enrolling in these classes.

Below is the FOSS software we use and recommend:

WordPress         – Website content management system that powers 28% of the Internet
LibreOffice       –  Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database office suite
Musescore         – Music composing and playing software
Stellarium         – Planetarium software
Blender              – 3D Modelling software
Python               – Computer programming language
Linux                 – Computer Operating System
RedNoteBook    – Journal software, note book, calendar, todo lists, searchable data
Gedit                 – Text editing software
Chess                – Chess software
Shotwell            – Photo download and management software
Chromium         – Browser software
Firefox               – Browser software
Thunderbird       – Email software
Tor Browser       – Secure browser for anonymous web viewing and filter circumvention
Gimp                  – Photo and graphic editing software
PGP                     – Encryption software
KeePassX           – Encrypted master keyword database
VeraCrypt           – Container and file encryption software