Status:                    Confirmed
Coordinators:       Heather & Brian
Venue:                   The meeting place is the rotunda in Belmore Park.
Time:                     Unless otherwise notified, the walks start at 08:00.
Cost:                       $5 each term, must pay and be enrolled before starting class
Day:                       Sunday, three walks per term, 5-10 kms within an hours drive of              .                                   Goulburn.
Dates:                    Walk schedule below:
.                               Walk 1 – W02 – 22 October
.                               Walk 2 – W05 – 12 November
.                               Walk 3 – W08 – 3 December

Limit: Min 4, Max 8

.                            Risk Management Form
.                            Approved by walk leader

Wear comfortable clothes, shoes suitable for walking on bush tracks, and a hat to protect from the sun.  Bring at least 1 litre of water or more if a hot day is forecast and a snack.  Bringing a compression bandage and rain gear is recommended.

The ramblers need to be self-sufficient and fit enough to do 5 to 10 km walks in the bush and keep up with the group.