Status:            Confirmed
Tutors:            Pat Spilsbury & Dulcie Reid
Venue:            U3A Annexe
Time:               10.30 – 12.00
Cost:                $5 each term, must pay and be enrolled before starting class
Days:               Tuesdays, fortnightly
Dates:               W01  –  Tuesday 10 Oct
.                         W03  –  Tuesday 24 Oct
.                         W05  –  Tuesday 7 Nov
.                         W07  –  Tuesday 21 Nov
.                         W09  –  Tuesday 5 Dec
Limit:               No limit

Quills is a new activity for members who do not have computers and internet access. Quills will give them the ability to get information about the latest news and what is happening within our U3A.

Quills is a great opportunity for members to pick up their Bulletins and to discuss all the news in the Bulletin. This will ensure that all members know what new classes are starting and what upcoming excursions are planned for the term.

There will be a cost of $5.00 per term to cover the cost of printing and only those members who are enrolled for Quills will be able to get the printed version of the Bulletin.