Status:                        Confirmed
Coordinators:            Julian DeCseuz, Pat
Venue:                        Start at the rotunda in Belmore Park
Cost:                            $5 each term, must pay and enrolled before starting class
Times:                         08:00 – 09:45  walk times to be all approximately 45 mins.
Day:                             Tuesdays – each week of term
Dates:                          W01      Tue 10 Oct
.                                     W02     Tue 17 Oct
.                                     W03     Tue 24 Oct
.                                     W04     Tue 31 Oct
.                                     W05     Tue 7 Nov
.                                     W06     Tue 14 Nov
.                                     W07     Tue 21 Nov
.                                     W08     Tue 28 Nov
.                                     W09     Tue 5 Dec
.                                     W10      Tue 12 Dec

Limit:                        Min 4, Max 12
Class:                         Open

Pre-requisites:         None
Equipment:              Loose clothing, walking shoes, water

Walking for health.

Exercise in a social atmosphere and enjoy Goulburn’s open spaces and  parks.

Ten walks per term around Goulburn and an optional coffee or tea afterwards.

The walks will be approximately 45 minutes.

If you are new to regular exercise, start off by walking a minimum of twenty minutes three to four times a week, then increase to thirty minutes four times a week. If you have any health problems, check with your doctor regarding how active you should be.

Walk at a steady pace to increase your heart rate without making you breathless to the point of discomfort. Set a pace where you are walking vigorously but are still able to talk or whistle. Beginners should feel comfortable; seasoned walkers should feel as if they’ve exerted themselves slightly.

You’ll probably be surprised how quickly your level of fitness improves.