Music Recorder-II (previously known as the Senior Recorder Group)
Status:                        Confirmed
Tutor:                         Ray Smith
Venue:                        Goulburn
Time:                          10:00 – 11.15
Day:                             Monday, every Monday of term
Dates:                         W01    – Mon 09 Oct
.                                    W02   – Mon 16 Oct
.                                    W03   – Mon 23 Oct
.                                    W04   – Mon 30 Oct
.                                    W05   – Mon 06 Nov
.                                    W06   – Mon 13 Nov
.                                    W07   – Mon 20 Nov
.                                    W08   – Mon 27 Nov
.                                    W09   – Mon 04 Dec
.                                    W10   — Mon 11 Dec
Limit:                     Minimum 6 Maximum 15
Pre-requisites:     Ability to sight read
Text/Equipment: Good brand of wooden recorder Baroque Fingering System only – refer to Course Leader.
Extra Costs:          New music is available as pdf files for those able to download. Otherwise photocopying will be at own expense.

The Music Recorder II class will not be held at the Goulburn Conservatorium. For venue details and directions phone Ray Smith ( 4821 0344 or Anne Fry 4822 2706 ) AFTER YOU HAVE ENROLLED IN THE COURSE.

The general aim of this course is to encourage members to become experienced participants of on Ensemble which can play at an Intermediate level, sight read music, ranging from Baroque to Modern in four parts Descant ( key of C ); Alto / Treble  ( key of F ); Tenor ( Key of C) and Bass ( key F )  and / or Great Bass ( key of C ). We encourage members to take an interest in instruments in the key of F, where the additional voices encourages greater awareness of the music dynamics and ability to listen to the other voices in the Ensemble!

We have a preference for members to play a wooden instrument Baroque Fingering System, rather than composition due to improved tonal quality of a wooden instrument. This should not deter anyone wishing to move up into this group – the tutor can assist with advice and possibly short term loan of suitable instruments. This is a friendly group – no pressure! Our aim is to make music a pleasurable experience – enquiries Ray Smith ph: 4821 0344.