Status:                        Confirmed
Tutors:                       Pat Spilsbury
Venue:                        Various local restaurants
Time:                          12:00 for 12.30
Day:                            Tuesdays
Dates:                         W02  –  Tuesday 17 October
.                                    W06  –  Tuesday 14 November
Limit:                         No limit

Back in the days when most of us were growing up, the main meal of the day ‘meat and three veg,’ simply cooked, and a pudding of some kind was the norm – nothing wrong with that – it was good wholesome food. The only takeaway food available then was fish and chips and hamburgers and on special occasions we celebrated by going out for a meal at the local Chinese restaurant, about the only ‘foreign’ restaurant around then. Everything started to change at the end of WW2, including our taste buds, with the influence of migrants from Europe and more recently from Asian and Middle Eastern countries. To-day nearly every town and city boasts restaurants from a ‘melting pot’ of nations with a dazzling wealth of cuisines to choose from.
It has been said that Let’s Do Lunch is not a ‘proper’ course, just a social event, an excuse for our members to eat out once a month – WRONG – it has a great learning component to it, just as much as if you were doing a history, craft or some other class! Of course there is a social side of it – the bonus of having a great meal in congenial company in the warm, friendly ambiance of one of our local restaurants. At these lunches we learn about the food and customs of other countries, far away lands that we may never get the opportunity to visit. How many of our members had tasted goat’s meat before we visited the African restaurant or knew such delightful vegetarian Indian dishes with exotic names such Aloo Mutter existed or that Spag Bol was not the only pasta dish to come out of Italy – let alone were brave enough to try them. We often gaze in wonder at the way some of our own favourite Australian dishes are being ‘tweaked’ to look so differently and taste so much more delicious than they ever did when we were younger and how some of those stodgy puddings of the past are giving way to delectable works of art. No, we are learning all the time at Let’s Do Lunch about how our once humble Australian cuisine is changing – mostly for the better – and what better way to learn!  
Pat Spilsbury, convenor of Let’s Do Lunch

Tickets will go on sale at the office from Monday,  during office hours, they will also be available on Quill’s days.

There will only be one Let’s Do Lunch in Term 4 which will be Tuesday, Oct 17 (wk 2).  In November we will again be supporting the Cystic Fibrosis’s Melbourne Cup Fundraiser in November and U3A’s Christmas Lunch in December.