Status:                        Confirmed
Tutors:                        Ray Shiel, Ros Thomson
Venue:                        Goulburn Community Gardens
Time:                          10:00 – 12:00
Day:                            Saturday, every third Saturday of term
Dates:                         W01  – Sat 14 Oct
.                                   W04  – Sat 04 Nov
.                                   W07  – Sat 25 Nov
.                                    W10 – Sat 16 Dec

Limit: No limit
Pre-requisites: Must be a member of U3A & Goulburn Community Gardens
Text/Equipment: Note book & pen
Extra Costs: No

Ray will be running this practical course so participants can learn the skills to grow, care
for and harvest a range of vegetables and herbs with better flavour and nutrition for
your kitchen and improve your health as well as emphasizing the bigger picture items such as soil composition and health. Ros will be looking at companion planting.