Status:                       Confirmed
Tutor:                        Jean Lloyd
Accompanist:           Helen Lowe
Venue:                       U3A Depot
Time:                          11:00 to 12:30
Day:                            Tuesday
Cost:                         $15 each term, payable at the beginning of each term at the U3A office .                                  to share the accompanist’s travel expenses
Dates:         W01    – Tue 10 Oct
.                    W02   – Tue 17 Oct
.                    W03   – Tue 24 Oct
.                    W04   – Tue 31 Oct
.                    W05   – Tue 7 Nov
.                    W06   – Tue 14 Nov
.                    W07   – Tue 21 Nov
.                    W08   – Tue 28 Nov
.                    W09   – Tue 5 Dec
.                    W10   – Tue 12 Dec
Limit: No limit
Pre-requisites: Desire to sing for pleasure and a willingness to work in harmony with other choir members
Text/Equipment: Clear sleeve folder for music

Singing songs for pleasure is the aim of this class, so if you love to sing – this is the one for you!
Not only do they sing for their own pleasure but for the pleasure of others when they sometimes perform at nursing homes and other special events.