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U3A 2021 Calendar
Term 1  – Mon 25 Jan to Sun 04 Apr  –  10 Weeks
Term 2 – Mon 19 Apr to Sun 27 June – 10 Weeks
Term 3 – Mon 12 Jul  to Sun 19 Sep  –   10 Weeks
Term 4 – Mon 04 Oct to Sun 12 Dec  –  10 Weeks

Upcoming Events
Start of Term 2:             Mon 19 Apr
*   We have  two weeks holiday at the end of Term 1 and start back for Term 2 on Mon 19 Apr  *
Sun 02 May:                Ramble – Mt Kosciuszko summit walk
Sun 09 May:                Kayaking

New Classes in Term 2
Off-road Cycling     Thu 10:00 to 11:00 Weekly – Peter
Ride a bicycle or e-bike approximately 8 km from the Marsden Weir carpark on the river track
Poetry     Wed 13:00 to 14:00 Weekly – Depot – Jock
One poem each week, one from each of ten renown poets in ten weeks
Meditation   Wed 11:00 to 12:00 Weekly  -Depot – William
Learn meditations skills
Argyle Linux Users Group – 24/7 email list,  pizza meeting twice per term- Brian
Learn more about Linux, raspberrypi and FOSS from a like minded group
Walk 4 Health now a single class, walk any  or all weekdays – Peter, Pat, Brian
08:00 to 09:00 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri – walk on any one or more or all walks
Current walkers automatically enrolled
The Five Bridges Walks now a single class – Christina, Peter
09:30 to 10:30 Mon, Tue, Wed – walk on any one or more or all walks
Ideal class to build up your fitness level, walk 1 to 5 bridges – 800 m to 3 km
Now a single class, walk one or more days per week
Current walkers automatically enrolled

***Want to improve your gardening skills and knowledge — be part of the “Plant 2 Plate” classes: Check details under Classes 2021 Menu***

2021 Term 2 Enrolments
We will be using a new enrolment procedure using web forms in Term 2.
The link are found under the Classes 2021 TAB 
Enrolments Open:   Wed 07 Apr
Enrolments Close:   Sun 25 Apr
More information will  be posted and emailed shortly before enrolments open


CoVid-19 Vaccines
Vaccinations have started for group 1A ie over 70 year olds but you need to arrange a booking for yourself. You should not consider yourself fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after you have had the second jab. So if you get the first jab in May the vaccine will not be at maximum effectiveness until Sep.

U3A requests that all U3A members get vaccinated for their own protection and the protection of other U3A members.  Please supply us a copy of your vaccination certificate and we will issue you with a new updated membership badge.
Enrolment in some events and courses may give priority  to vaccinated members.

Tom has written some useful information on the vaccine  below:
Vaccines (usually 1 or 2 injections spaced a few weeks apart) are designed to prevent or at least reduce the risk of catching a specific infection (usually a virus because other medications are generally ineffective against viruses) Vaccines have virtually eliminated e.g. polio, smallpox, tetanus and whooping cough from our society. These infections and others posed serious risks to life last century.
Normally if your body gets invaded by a harmful virus, your immune system takes a number of days to fire up and produce counter measures such as antibodies. Meanwhile the virus has had time to multiply and become established within your body. Then a battle ensues between the virus and your antibodies causing fever, aches and pains, headaches etc with which we are familiar when we get a good dose of ‘flu”.
A vaccine is a way of stimulating your body to produce antibodies against the particular infection. Although these antibodies don’t persist, some of your T-cells (white blood cells) retain a memory of how to produce this specific antibody so that now if you become infected, your antibodies will fire up almost immediately. Certainly before the virus has a chance to get established.
No vaccine is 100% effective, but most are very good so that a few people may get a much milder version of the infection. Many viruses have an ability to change over time mutate). if this change is big enough, then the vaccine loses its effectiveness and the vaccine would need to be upgraded (you would need to be re-vaccinated).
There are two main types of vaccine, live vaccines and those made from dead bits of viral protein. Live vaccines such as smallpox or yellow fever deliberately give you a mild dose of infection to stimulate antibodies without making you particularly unwell. These vaccines have a higher risk profile and can be dangerous for people who are immunocompromised.(e.g. take cortisone, prednisone, or immune suppressive drugs, or who have lost their spleen). The “dead” vaccines such as Covid-19 cannot give you an infection however mild and have a very safe profile.
Serious allergies(anaphylaxis) occurs somewhere between 2-10 per one million injections. It usually would occur within half an hour of injection and is very treatable with early diagnosis. So don’t be alone straight after having the vaccine. Lower limb paralysis(Guillain-barre disease) occurs about one per million and may be permanent (Pretty good odds compared to Covid-19 death rate of about 2%).
As we age our immune system is not as strong, so that it is possible that the vaccine may not be quite as effective, but it will certainly reduce the impact of the disease if you are unlucky enough to be one of the few people to still get infected.
Some conditions such as blood clotting occur spontaneously in the community, so some people who have been vaccinated will get blood clotting. In order to blame the vaccine for a particular side effect you would need to show that the vaccinated group gets that side effect at a significantly higher rate than a similar non-vaccinated group. As I write this, more than 10 million people have been vaccinated world wide and we are yet to hear of unexpected serious complications. It appears to be very safe.
My suggestion, have the jab when is is available, but do tell the doctor if you take medications or have any underlying medical conditions.
Tom Lyttle
Download  above Vaccine information