Cleopatra’s Nose


Schedule for Term Three 2018:
July 27                   Hannibal
August 10             Joan of Arc
August 31*            Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
*Fifth Friday
September 14       Arthur Phillip
September 28      The Siting of the Federal Capital

Term Break

Schedule for Term Four 2018:
October 26         Decoding Enigma
November 9       Mandela
November 23     Mabo

Schedule for Term Two 2018:
11 May Maralinga
Australia’s nuclear legacy.
25 May Florence Nightingale
Nursing – no job for a Lady!
8 June Gandhi
From accidental activist to international icon
22 June The Miracle of Leipzig
How the peaceful protest of people holding candles played a key role in bringing down the Berlin Wall.
Class notes will be distributed, as far as possible, prior to the relevant class meeting.

Schedule for Term One 2018:
9 February The First Chinese Emperor
The famed Terracotta Warriors are only part of the amazing story of the rise of the Chinese Empire.
23 February The Conversion of Constantine
A sign in the heavens led to events that impacted Europe and later the world.
9 March Robert the Bruce
The King who famously refused to give up his quest to free Scotland from the English yoke.
23 March Wesley
Rescued from a house fire as a child, he went on to have a powerful influence on religious history.
13 April The Age of Steam
James Watt’s development of a viable steam engine was a major contribution to the industrial revolution that reshaped the world.