Dinosaurs & Robots

At Dinosaurs & Robots (DAR) we run our own projects to make things and we are part of what is known the maker culture.
The most important point to remember about DAR is you need to do it yourself.
It is life-long learning in action. Learning by doing.

We share tools and information about our projects and we often get more than a little help from our friends.

Raspberrypi Computers (RPI)
We often use the $50 RPI computers for many of our projects.
Information on the RPI and free software to download can be found at raspberrypi.org, the free to download monthly RPI magazine can be found here and the free monthly HackSpace magazine can be found here. The free quarterly educators magazine here.

Desktop Workstation
Add an $8 USB keyboard, $4 USB mouse, $15 Power Supply, $8 microSD card, $6 HDMI cable and a TV display to your RPI and you have a desktop workstation to surf the internet, control your house or garden or write a book. All the software it uses is free and can be downloaded from here.

We have a small drone to play with and explore this technology.

3D Printer
We are investigating various 3D printers and hope to be able to get the use of one shortly to begin making our own designs or reusing other peoples designs from the thingiverse.