Members T&C

Member’s Terms and Conditions.

The GM-U3a finacial peroid runs from 01 Jan to 31 Dec each year and members need to renew their membership each year.

New members need to pay $30 plus an additional $10 joining fee if they join in Term 1 or Term2. If they join in Term 3 or Term 4 they nedd to pay $15 plus the $10 joining fee.

The current membership renewal  fee is $30 p.a. and people renewing late need to pay the full amount.

You must be a current financial member of U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc. (i.e. have paid the joining fee & subscription) to enrol in any U3A classes.

A badge of a different background colour is produced each financial year and sytdent must wear these badges to all U3A activities.

Every one has to enrol for classes they wish to do at the beginning of each term, even if it is an ongoing class and you have enrolled for it previously, this will enable our records to be correct and updated.

If you wish to enrol for classes that are new or have limited numbers . Enrol early to avoid disappointment .

You cannot enrol directly with the course leaders, you will need to enrol with the office so a record can be kept for insurance purposes, if you are not on record, you are not covered by our insurance.

Make sure you sign the class register every time you attend a U3A class or activity for insurance purposes failure to sign the attendance sheet could jeopardise any claim you may need to make.

All our course leaders are volunteers and U3A is a self-help, co-operative organisation, therefore learners are expected to be polite and make requests not demands of their course leaders or tutors.

Learners are expected to help set up class rooms before class and put the room back the way they found it after class.

Learners are expected to behave in a courteous manner towards each other and their course leaders at all times, should they have a genuine complaint of any kind, they should put it in writing, date and sign it and forward to the management committee via the secretary.

We do not publish any student or tutors private addresses or phone numbers, as it is against the privacy laws.  You may request this information directly and respect their decision, as they may not want to give out this information.

If you are unable to attend a class at any time please ring the U3A office, 4822 5186, before the class so the course leader can be notified, if the course leader has given you their number, you can ring them direct if a learner misses 3 classes without an apology their names will be taken off that class list.

Members attending classes held at registered clubs, who are not members of that club, must sign in at the reception desk before proceeding to class & please be aware that you cannot bring your own food or drink onto licensed club premises, refreshments can be purchased at these venues, if desired.

If a course leader wishes to provide refreshments for their class at a venue that allows self- catering, they must ask their members to pay a small fee on a cost recovery basis so they (course leader) will not be ‘out of pocket’ . With rising obesity in the general population U3A discourages this practice.

We do not normally hold classes during NSW school holidays or public holidays, only by special arrangements with executive.

Should a class arrange a field trip or a performance, details are to be registered with the office and members sign the attendance sheet on the day.

Most courses are free, but some may attract a small charge for materials, use of venues, use of equipment, photocopying & morning/afternoon tea (discouraged) , details of any course costs appear in the course descriptions.

Make sure you wear your current name badge to all classes and activities.

Please make sure you fill in the I.C.E. (in case of emergency) details on the reverse side of your badge.