Members T&C

Members’ Terms and Conditions.

1. The U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc. financial year runs from 01 January to 31 December. Members are required to renew their membership annually and agree to the current members’ terms and conditions.

2. You must be a current financial member of U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc. to enrol
in any U3A course. Most courses will incur a minimum administration cost payable at the time  of enrolment.

3. Details of any additional course costs should appear in the course descriptions, or be made known to participants by the leader of that course.

4. A badge of a different background colour is produced each financial year. It is important that details on the reverse side of the badge are provided, in case of emergency. This badge MUST be worn to all U3A activities.

5. Course enrolment MUST be with the U3A Office, to ensure records are up-to-date and accurate for insurance purposes.

6. Make sure you sign the Course Attendance Sheet every time you attend a U3A  class or activity. Failure to sign this could jeopardise any insurance claim you make.

7. If you are unable to attend a scheduled class, please try to notify the Course Leader. If a student misses three classes without apology/notification, they may forfeit their place in that class.

8. It would be appreciated if students could assist Course Leaders in the setting up of rooms and tidying up after class.

9. All Members are expected to behave in a courteous manner towards each other and their Course Leaders. All Course Leaders are volunteers, and U3A should be seen as a self-help, cooperative organisation. If a student feels that he/she has a genuine cause for complaint, this must be submitted in writing to the U3A management committee, via the Secretary.

10. We do not publish contact details for students or course leaders, as it is against the privacy laws. However, the leader of each course is required to keep a list of contact details for members of that course, and email details may be shared with other members of that course.

11. Some classes are held at registered clubs. If you are not a member, please sign in at Reception before the class. However, it is suggested that becoming a member of that Club would be appreciated by the Club.

12. No food or drink should be taken into licensed clubs. Similarly, students are asked to take note of the rules for consumption of food and drink which apply to rooms at the U3A Depot.

13. We do not normally hold classes during NSW school holidays or on public holidays. Any exception to this should be made known to the U3A Secretary in writing.

14. Should a class arrange a field trip or a performance, details are to be registered with the office and members must sign the attendance sheet on the day.

15. If you decide to cancel any class in which you have enrolled, please let the Course Leader/U3A Office know, as there may be a wait list for that class.

16. Students are made aware that photographs of class activities may be used for the website, U3A Bulletin, and for publicity.

17. Please be aware that enrolment in a course does not guarantee acceptance. If your enrolment cannot be accepted (class full/course cancelled) you will be notified as soon as possible. If a student wishes to withdraw from a class, he/she should inform the Course Leader and U3A Office immediately.

18. By enrolling in a Goulburn Mulwaree U3A activity, each student acknowledges that he/she is participating voluntarily in that activity, accepting full responsibility for his/her participation; and acknowledges that his/her rights to sue the Course Leader, U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc and any other participants are absolutely waived.





























Ref: GMU3A_MembersTermsConditions-C.pdf